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About Expert Capital Partners

Finding experts and finding financing present similar challenges for attorneys and company owners. The marketplace is populated with a dizzying array of experts, expert witness providers, financiers, and brokers with varying credentials and criteria. ECP has already done the work of building relationships with individual experts, expert witness search firms, litigation support firms, asset managers, hedge funds, private equity firms and litigation finance companies.

By maintaining this network of Partners, we resemble a boutique investment bank that thoroughly vets and recommends the most appropriate experts and funding providers given the nuances and complexities of the matter. 

In short, our deep networks in finance and expert placement empower us to provide two highly complimentary services to clients:

What We Provide


We Provide Experts

Through 25+ year relationships with much of the global expert witness and academic community, data companies, and expert placement agencies, we are able to find the best testifying or consulting experts to match the needs of your cases.  Using these deep relationships together with our in house set of tools, methodologies, and databases, we can arrange for the best expert witnesses on almost any topic.


We Provide Capital

By maintaining extensive relationships with litigation finance companies, hedge funds, and other investors, we are able to find the best financial partner to assist on your cases through the acceleration of contingency fees, the funding of hourly fees and other litigation costs, the acquisition of law firm receivables, funding of structured settlements, and through several additional litigation finance solutions.

All expert search and referral services are provided through 86 Pillars, LLC

The Expert Capital Team 

Russ W. Rosenzweig - Managing Director

Mr. Rosenzweig is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, business advisor, and instructor in the area of Entrepreneurship.

Teddy D. Teece - Managing Director

Mr. Teece is an early-stage entrepreneur passionate about facilitating equitable access to the justice system.

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